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Special-Needs Entertainment News 2012


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Special-Needs Entertainment News - January 2012

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In January, I blogged about the boy on Touch losing his autism diagnosis, the movie version of A Smile as Big as the Moon, and other TV news. Other stories featured in Today's News and Views that month came from the following sites and blogs:

Ams Vans Blog
+ Accessible Gaming: Why Don't We Hear More About It?

Autism Key
+ New Tom Hanks Film Unearths Autism Discrimination

Child Mind Institute
+ 'Touch' and Autism

Huffington Post
+ 'America's Supernanny': Child With Down Syndrome Keeps Leaving House On His Own
+ 'Life's Too Short': HBO Comedy Releases Official Poster
+ 'Push Girls' Aims To Open Up Discussion About Disabilities

+ 'Declaration Of War' - Young Parents, Unready For The Battles Ahead

Special Education Law Blog
+ Documentaries Accurately Portray Disability-Related Issues

+ Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: A Mother's Perspective

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
+ Touch: Autism and Special Needs on Fox

Winter Ramblings
+ 'Push Girls' to Debut in April

Read more on topics mentioned here: Down Syndrome | A Smile As Big as the Moon | Dealing With a New Diagnosis.
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