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Special-Needs Entertainment News 2013


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Special-Needs Entertainment News - January 2013

In January, I blogged about the end of Alphas and the start of a new series, Legit. Other stories featured in Today's News and Views that month came from the following sites and blogs:

Ams Vans Blog
+ Cerebral Palsy Featured in Three Inspirational Movies

+ NBC's 'Today Show' Featured Autism Fire Rescue Program

BBC's Ouch! Blog
+ Do Disabled People Work in Forensics Like in 'Silent Witness'?

Big Blueberry Eyes
+ We Happy Few

+ 'American Idol' favorite overcomes Tourette's, Asperger's
+ Miss Montana: Autism doesn't define me
+ Opinion: Film offers 'silver lining' for mental illness

Disability Scoop
+ 'Bachelor' Contestant Says Disability An Advantage
+ Beauty Queen With Autism Makes Miss America History
+ Beauty Queen With Autism Vies For Miss America Title
+ Teen With Down Syndrome Featured On ESPN 'SportsCenter'

+ People Are Watching Your Use of the R-word D.L. Hughley

Presence Learning
+ What We Learned About Stuttering From American Idol Contestant Lazaro Arbos

Stream of Caitlinness
+ Limb Different Girl Takes on 'The Bachelor'

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
+ Have You Seen Flummox and Friends Yet?

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