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Equipment: Shopping for Your Child's Special Needs

Shopping takes on a whole new meaning when you're looking for equipment for your child with special needs. Where do you find a desk that will accommodate a wheelchair, a spoon for a child who has feeding problems, medical equipment for caring for a child at home, a surgical brush to provide sensory therapy for a child uncomfortable in his own skin? Find the best resources for all your child's special equipment needs.
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Equipment Created by Parents
Looking for equipment for a child with disabilities? Consider these online stores run by parents of children with special needs. They've taken what worked for them and marketed it to help other parents; maybe their discoveries will work for you, too.

Apps for Children With Special Needs
Many of the apps offered for iPhones and iPads aren't just for fun or everyday organization -- they're designed specifically to make life easier for people with special needs, by making communication or behavior management or health management easier. Check out these special-needs apps, and tell us about the ones you've tried.

Special Needs Swim Gear
Children with special needs may face special challenges when it comes to water play -- from keeping ear tubes dry to finding extra-large swim diapers. Here's the gear they'll need to stay cool in the pool.

Wheelchair Accessories
Cool clothing and accessories for kids in wheelchairs make great gifts for holidays, for birthdays, for any day you want to say, "You're special."

10 Special-Needs School Tools
Help your child sit stiller, write better, and read easier with these cool school tools for students with learning disabilities, fine motor delays, sensory integration challenges, or a bad case of the wiggles.

AlphaSmart Offers Easy Word Processing
Light, compact and rugged, an AlphaSmart is a great little word processor that's cheaper, easier to use, and way less distracting than a loaded-up laptop.

Use a Laminator to Make Paper Kid-Proof
Add a laminator to your collection of equipment for creating kid-friendly, kid-proof learning, behavior, and play materials.

What Is a Papoose Board?
Definition of a device used to immobilize children for medical procedures.

About.com Medical Supplies
About.com's guide to Medical Supplies writes about equipment for children and adults with special needs.

Special Child Exchange
An e-mail group on which parents can sell, exchange, or seek or offer used medical equipment.

A database of assistive technology products.

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