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Apps for Children With Special Needs

For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Many of the apps offered for iPhones and iPads aren't just for fun or everyday organization -- they're designed specifically to make life easier for people with special needs, by making communication or behavior management or health management easier. Check out these special-needs apps that have been mentioned on this About.com site, and tell us about the ones you've tried.


ArtikPix Screenshot
Screenshot courtesy of ArtikPix

In a reader review, aysberg writes: "For children with speech issues, ArtikPix offers an engaging way to practice sounds and words at home. The app comes pre-loaded with a set of 'th' sound flashcards, however 21 decks of flash cards focusing on various sounds are available for purchase of about $2.99 each." ... Read more


Screenshot courtesy of CBTReferee

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be useful for kids dealing with anxiety problems and negative thinking, but the journaling that's a useful part of the process may be tough for those who aren't comfortable with writing or prefer to do their composition more at the length of a text or a status. CBTReferee lets users input a negative thought and get a "referee" response pointing out inaccurate thinking. ... Read more

Dance Party Zoo

Dance Party Zoo
Screenshot courtesy of FizzBrain

Dance Party Zoo lets kids "practice basic motor skills -- balance, coordination and rhythm -- with [a] fun kids' dance game." ... Read more

Earn It Stars

Earn It Stars lets you set a goal, determine the amount of stars it will take to earn it, and mark stars as earned as you go. ... Read more

EMNet findER

EMNet findER, for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, locates ERs based on your GPS location the same way you might do for restaurants or stores or other businesses. ... Read more


Image courtesy of eReadingPro

eReadingToGo! is an app adaptation of the eReadingPro reading program. Read two parent reviews: 1 | 2


The mission of the Living With Hemophilia site is to share practical tools to help people with hemophilia manage their busy lives, and one of those tools is a free app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad called FactorTrack that keeps track of hemophilia A Factor VIII infusions. ... Read more

Go Rewards!

Go Rewards
Image courtesy of the Victoria Chart Company

An app from the Victoria Chart Company puts reward charts in a format that's easy to bring along wherever you go with your child. ... Read a parent's review.


iBiomed screenshot
Screenshot from iBiomed

Created by parents of a child with special needs, "iBiomed is a mobile software application developed for parents of special needs children, to help in managing the complexities involved with their care. Every aspect of the health care of a special needs child is provided in iBiomed." ... Read more

iDress for Weather

iDress for Weather
Image courtesy of Phyllis Brodsky

iDress for Weather does two things: tells what the weather is like today, and shows a picture of the appropriate attire. You can customize it with photos from your child's own closet, and maybe ward off some fights by letting kids look up acceptable outfits on the iPhone or iPod or iPad all by themselves. ... Read more

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