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Coupons for Special Dads


Show your appreciation for a father of a child with special needs with coupons designed to acknowledge the special things he does, from homework help to creative discipline to listening to Mom rant. Pick a coupon, print, and cut along the dotted line. Give the whole assortment, or make a dozen copies of the one Dad needs the most.
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Get Out of Homework Help FreeGet Out of Reading Something About Your Child's Disability FreeGet Out of Listening to Endless Ranting FreeGet Out of One Argument Free
Good for One Acknowledgment of RightnessGood for One Disciplinary DecisionGood for One Change of SubjectGood for One Round of Applause
Bearer Is Hereby Entitled to A Little RespectBearer Is Hereby Entitled to Watch a Television Program of His ChoiceBearer Is Hereby Entitled to an ApologyBearer Is Hereby Entitled to Have Someone Listen to Him for a Change

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