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Living With Your Child With Special Needs


Living with a child with special needs can be a joy and a challenge. Manage your family, social and emotional issues with these articles and resources on the Parenting Special Needs site.
  1. Behavior Strategies
  2. In the Community
  3. Life Skills
  4. Sibling Issues
  5. Marriage Issues
  1. Special Occasions
  2. Planning for the Future
  3. Stress Management
  4. Support and Inspiration

Behavior Strategies

When kids can't understand or control their own behavior, it's all up to the parents to make things work. Find some useful techniques for managing and modifying behavior in children with special needs.

In the Community

Your community may not always seem like the most welcoming place for your child, but helping others get to know him and introducing her to the world beyond your family are worthwhile pursuits. Here are some ways to get your child out and about, and to handle the problems that may come up.

Life Skills

It may seem easier to just do everything for your child than to put up with error-filled attempts. But ultimately, both you and your child will benefit from efforts to teach basic living skills. Here's some help in making that happen in a slow, steady, smooth way.

Sibling Issues

Brothers and sisters of children with special needs have special challenges of their own, including finding their place in a family that may seem preoccupied with one sick child, and dealing on a daily basis with behavior that may be hard to understand. Read more about how to help the whole family at a trying time.

Marriage Issues

Parenting a challenging child can put a great strain on a marriage. It doesn't have to tear you apart, though, if you learn how to work together and devote some time to each other.

Special Occasions

Holidays and special times with extended family should be a wonderful and enriching time for your child, but all too often it's a source of stress, strain, and hopelessness. Adjusting your expectations of everyone involved -- including yourself -- can make a big difference.

Planning for the Future

What will happen to your child when you're gone? The time to start answering that question is now. Right now.

Stress Management

There's pretty much no way for the parent of a child with special needs to avoid stress entirely, but you can manage it instead of letting it manage you. Here are some techniques for taking control.

Support and Inspiration

Knowing that others have been there, done that, and survived is an empowering thing for parents of children with special needs. Find some inspiration and companionship to help you make it through the day.

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