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Functional Behavior Assessment

Whether you're requesting a functional behavior assessment to address problems with school behavior or the child study team has informed you it will be doing one, here's what parents need to know about this tool for identifying the causes of problem behavior and devising strategies to prevent it.

What Is a Functional Behavioral Assessment?
Learn more about Functional Behavioral Assessments and how they can help improve your child's behavior in the classroom.

Functional Behavioral Assessment: Overview for Parents
Quick introduction to FBA and behavior plans from the excellent Tourette Syndrome "Plus" site. Check the other articles in the "Behavior" section for more good strategic advice.

Functional Behavioral Assessments: What, Why, When, Where, and Who?
A FAQ on Functional Behavior Assessment from the special education advocacy site Wrightslaw.

FBA and Positive Interventions: What Parents Need to Know
A lengthy PDF fact sheet on Functional Behavior Assessment from Families & Advocates Partnership for Education.

Problem Behaviors in the Classroom: What They Mean and How to Help
View the PDF of an article on Functional Behavior Assessment from the newsletter of the New York University Child Study Center.

Conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment: What's All the Hype?
A tutorial for teachers with a great practical overview of FBA and sample forms.

Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior: A Review
A report from the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis on research supporting FBA. It's fairly indecipherable, but may come in handy if some administrator to see proof that FBA works.

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