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Featured Special-Needs Blog Posts 2012


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Featured Special-Needs Blog Posts - January through June 2012

Blog posts featured in Today's News and Views in the first six months of the year came from the following blogs:

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood
+ This is MY reality

Fighting Monsters With Rubber Swords
+ Not alone, although not entirely not alone, either
+ Unfair Monsters

Kidneys and Eyes
+ Being Different and Knowing

Love That Max
+ Brave (Special Needs Version)
+ Haters gonna hate, and this blogger's gonna pity
+ Raising kids with special needs: On letting down your defenses
+ The Santorum Effect
+ What I'd like you to say to my kid with special needs

Support for Special Needs
+ Empathy, Special Needs and @whymommy
+ Extraordinary Measures
+ Fail
+ Inscrutable World
+ Letting go. Just a little.
+ Nomad
+ Touch

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