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Food Allergy Alert Shirts

Fun ways to say, "Don't feed the kid!"


The following sites feature kid-friendly T-shirts and other items with bright, forthright allergy-warning messages:

"I Have Food Allergies!"
"I'm Allergic to Nuts!"

Allergy Apparel
"I Have Food Allergies"
"No Nuts!"

Alert Clothing Company
Messages include:
"Food Allergy Alert: No nuts for me -- thank you!"
"Food Allergy Alert: No food sharing at school"
"Food Allergy Alert: No food sharing without asking my parents"

Food Allergy Shirt Shop
Messages include:
"Severe Food Allergies: No Food or Drinks"
"Nuts Are For Squirrels Not for Me! I'm Allergic"
"I'm Allergic to Dairy, and That's No Bull"

Food Allergy Survivors Together
"WARNING! I have food allergies. No food or drink!"

Messages include:
"I have an allergy to eggs. Please check before feeding me."
"Lots of foods cause allergies. Please check my allergies before you feed me."
"I have an allergy to nuts"
"Sugar and Spice and all things nice but no nuts. I'm allergic to nuts."
"Have a nut-free day"
"I have an allergy to Milk. Please check before feeding me."
"I have an allergy to Wheat. Please check before feeeding me."
"Allergy Alert: Nut-Free Zone"
"No peanuts beyond this point"
"I'M NUT THAT KIND OF GIRL! I have a nut allergy."
"NUT BAD! I have a nut allergy."

Kids with Food Allergies
"PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME I Have Food Allergies"

Star Allergy Alerts
Messages include:
"STOP food allergies Please don't feed me!"
"STOP I have food allergies Just ask me"
"I'm allergic to nuts"
"No Nuts for me"
"No Peanuts for me"
"I'm allergic to eggs and nuts"
"I'm allergic to eggs"
"I'm allergic to milk"
"Dairy Free"
"I'm Gluten free"
"I have asthma"

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