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First 5 Things to Do After Your Child Is Diagnosed with a Peanut Allergy


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1: READ "First Steps: Newly Diagnosed" for an overview of how your life will change.

2: BUY The Peanut Allergy Answer Book by Dr. Michael Young for more in-depth help. Compare Prices

3: JOIN Kids with Food Allergies or another support group to get advice from fellow parents.

4: GET a little help from Binky Barnes with a Q&A keyed to the "Arthur" episode in which Binky finds he's allergic to peanuts.

5: VISIT our listing of food allergy links for more information and ideas.

Do you have suggestions for parents of children newly diagnosed with a peanut allergy? Tell them about that book that explained everything, that website full of resources, that e-mail group you still lean on, that experience with your child that made you see things differently. Those of us who have been there have important gifts to give those who have not yet done that. Offer your words of wisdom and experience where you see "Tell Your Tips" below.

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