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Special-Needs Printables

Forms, Coupons, Cards, Calendars, Mini-Posters and More


Dad Coupon

Dad Coupon (Image and text by Terri Mauro)

Have some fun or get something done with these printable items from around the About.com Children With Special Needs site.

Fun gifts for grown-ups and useful bribes for kids:
+ Mom Coupons
+ Dad Coupons
+ Teacher Coupons
+ Reward Coupons

Love Notes
Inspirational messages from the Love Notes for Special Parents collection are available on a variety of printables:
+ Mini-Posters
+ 2013 Calendar
+ Cards

Encourage reading and measure it, too:
+ Motivating Bookmarks

Print and post for laughs, inspiration, and a last-minute teacher thank-you:
+ 22 Ways to Tell Your Child "I Love You"
+ Take a Day Off
+ A Special-Needs Parent's Wish List
+ IEP Meeting Alert Levels
+ Special-Needs Christmas Carols
+ Love Notes for Special Parents
+ Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Print out some holiday humor and Halloween helpers:
+ Special-Needs Christmas Carols
+ Christmas Carol Cards
+ Trick or Treat Signs
+ Food Allergy Warning Labels

Download what you need to get organized for school or summer:
+ Contact Log (pdf) (Instructions)
+ School Behavior Chart (pdf) (Instructions)
+ Emergency Behavior Chart (pdf) (Instructions)
+ Encouraging Notes (Instructions)
+ Camp Mom Forms

Greeting Cards
Free printable cards, by occasion:
+ Birthday
+ Thank You
+ Valentine's Day
+ Mother's Day
+ Father's Day
+ Christmas Carol Cards

Teacher Gifts
Make your end-of-school shopping easier:
+ Teacher Coupons
+ Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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