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2012 in Review: The Special-Needs Stories That Caught Our Attention


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October 2012 in Review

School matters continued to attract attention in October, from serious FAQs about IEPs and 504s to humorous apology templates for teachers and team leaders. An NCIS episode on neurofibromatosis, parental temper tantrums, and Halloween costumes also caught your eye. Look back at the posts, articles, and comments you found and made on this site in October.

Top 10 Blog Posts of the Month
These posts were the most-read of the month. The year the post was written is indicated in parentheses.

  1. Smart Wives, Misled Mothers, and More of Your Comments (2007)
  2. The Middle Actor Has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (2010)
  3. Does Mady Gosselin Need Discipline, or a Diagnosis? (2009)
  4. Weekday Reflection: Labels (2009)
  5. Autistic Kids, Violent Adults (2009)
  6. Setting Up an iTunes Account Without a Credit Card (2008)
  7. Papoose Boards Make Child Restraint … Easy? Inhumane? (2007)
  8. Gluten-Free Turkey Stuffing (2005)
  9. Parents Sue to Use Cattle Prod on Adult Autistic Son (2007)
  10. Is Being Short a Disability? (2006)

Top 10 New Blog Posts
Of all posts written in October, these were the most popular. The date posted is indicated in parentheses.

  1. Boo, It's October (October 1)
  2. Hey, Ann Coulter, I've Got Some More Words for You (October 24)
  3. From My Inbox: App Agreement, Pity Stories, Disability Slurs (October 15)
  4. When the Wheels Start Coming Off the Bus for Your Child (October 2)
  5. IEP Sometimes Stands for "Interfering Educational Personage" (October 4)
  6. Neurofibromatosis on NCIS (October 25)
  7. Yes, You Really Have to Go to PTA Meetings (October 23)
  8. Tantrums Not Just for Kids (October 16)
  9. For Those Who Owe Us an Apology, a Little Help (October 11)
  10. From My Inbox: Awareness Activities (October 8)

Top 10 Articles of the Month
These articles were the most-viewed of October 2012.

  1. What Is ADD?
  2. 504 FAQ
  3. Sample 504 Plans
  4. What Are Special Needs?
  5. Halloween Costumes for Kids in Wheelchairs
  6. Write Your Own Behavior Plan
  7. 101 Things to Do When There's Nothing to Do
  8. IEP FAQ
  9. Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice
  10. Set Up a Free iTunes Account Without Credit Card, Gift Card or Allowance

Top 5 New Articles
Of the articles written in October 2012, these were the most-viewed.

  1. How to Give Yourself a Temper Tantrum
  2. Teacher Apology Template for Outrageous Classroom Mistreatment
  3. Site of the Day: October 2012
  4. IEP Team Member Apology Template for Not Knowing It All After All
  5. Special-Needs Business Profile: ReSolve Apparel

Most Commented-On Posts

  • Asperger Syndrome on Parenthood and NCIS (2010)
  • Autistic Kids, Violent Adults (2009)
  • Yes, You Really Have to Go to PTA Meetings (2012)
  • Neurofibromatosis on NCIS (2012)
  • Jury Duty for a Young Adult With Special Needs (2012)

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