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2012 in Review: The Special-Needs Stories That Caught Our Attention


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April 2012 in Review

April was Autism Awareness Month and also the month of Easter in 2012, and those subjects of interest were reflected in the top posts and articles.

Top 10 Blog Posts of the Month
These posts were the most-read of the month. The year the post was written is indicated in parentheses.

  1. TV, Teaching, and More of Your Comments (2010)
  2. Setting Up an iTunes Account Without a Credit Card (2008)
  3. The Middle Actor Has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (2010)
  4. Papoose Boards Make Child Restraint … Easy? Inhumane? (2007)
  5. Autistic Kids, Violent Adults (2009)
  6. Does Mady Gosselin Need Discipline, or a Diagnosis? (2009)
  7. Boy on Touch Loses Autism Diagnosis (2012)
  8. Wordless Wednesday: Special Olympics Medals (2010)
  9. Asperger Syndrome on The Big Bang Theory (2009)
  10. Standing Up for Your Child Without Putting Others Down (2011)

Top 10 New Blog Posts
Of all posts written in April, these were the most popular. The date posted is indicated in parentheses.

  1. Autism Awareness Resources and Responses (April 2)
  2. Parent Draws Attention to Patent War Over Communications App (April 6)
  3. Inspiring Words for Parents of Children With Down Syndrome (and the Rest of Us, Too) (April 3)
  4. What Would You Hear If You Secretly Recorded Your Child's School Day? (April 24)
  5. Weekly Round-Up: Week of March 26 (April 1)
  6. Special-Education Samples to Make Your Strategizing Simpler (April 12)
  7. Dad Seeks Longer Eligibility for Young Athletes With Special Needs (April 5)
  8. Special-Needs Easter Strategies (April 4)
  9. Get Your April Calendar (It's Only Three Days Late) (April 3)
  10. Bunnies, Peeps, and More Fun Things to Do (April 7)

Top 10 Articles of the Month
These articles were the most-viewed of April 2012.

  1. 504 FAQ
  2. What Is ADD?
  3. Sample 504 Plans
  4. Write Your Own Behavior Plan
  5. What Are Special Needs?
  6. Set Up a Free iTunes Account Without Credit Card, Gift Card or Allowance
  7. 101 Things to Do When There's Nothing to Do
  8. 50 Ways to Fill an Easter Egg
  9. What Is a Behavior Intervention Plan?
  10. Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice

Top 5 New Articles
Of the articles written in April 2012, these were the most-viewed.

  1. Before You Send Your Child to School Wearing a Wire
  2. Book Review: Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
  3. Vision News
  4. Special-Education News
  5. What Is Echolalia?

Most Commented-On Posts
Not much chatter in April; only two posts got more than one reader comment. The year the post was written is indicated in parentheses.

  1. Autistic Kids, Violent Adults (2009)
  2. Special Education Comes to Catholic School (2010)

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