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2012 in Review: The Special-Needs Stories That Caught Our Attention


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May 2012 in Review

Stories of interest in May 2012 included a Modern Family star's kidney transplant, The Middle kid's osteogenesis imperfecta, and a spot on the spectrum for a boy from Touch and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Look back at the posts, articles, and comments you found and made on this site in May.

Top 10 Blog Posts of the Month
These posts were the most-read of the month. The year the post was written is indicated in parentheses.

  1. The Middle Actor Has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (2010)
  2. Does Mady Gosselin Need Discipline, or a Diagnosis? (2009)
  3. Autistic Kids, Violent Adults (2009)
  4. Setting Up an iTunes Account Without a Credit Card (2008)
  5. Papoose Boards Make Child Restraint … Easy? Inhumane? (2007)
  6. Posting Your Child's Medical History (2005)
  7. Share Your Proud Moments on the Forum (2009)
  8. Wordless Wednesday: Teacher Appreciation(2009)
  9. Boy on Touch Loses Autism Diagnosis (2012)
  10. TV, Teaching, and More of Your Comments (2010)

Top 10 New Blog Posts
Of all posts written in May, these were the most popular. The date posted is indicated in parentheses.

  1. Making Inclusion a Two-Way Street (May 2)
  2. Screen-Free? Not Me (May 3)
  3. Book Review: Easy to Love But Hard to Raise (May 29)
  4. Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland Talks About Kidney Transplant (May 15)
  5. More Eyebrow-Raising Tales of IEP Meeting Misbehavior (May 30)
  6. "The Best Way to Get Services for Your Child Is to Get Yourself Educated" (May 23)
  7. This Week's Comments, Plus Questions on Autism and Preschool 504s (May 25)
  8. Honor the Good Teachers in Your Child's Life (May 8)
  9. From My Inbox: Autism Reading and Rabble-Rousing (May 28)
  10. Weekly Round-Up: Week Ending May 27 (May 27)

Top 10 Articles of the Month
These articles were the most-viewed of May 2012.

  1. 504 FAQ
  2. What Is ADD?
  3. Sample 504 Plans
  4. What Are Special Needs?
  5. Set Up a Free iTunes Account Without Credit Card, Gift Card or Allowance
  6. Write Your Own Behavior Plan
  7. 101 Things to Do When There's Nothing to Do
  8. Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice
  9. What Is a Behavior Intervention Plan?
  10. Love Notes Mother's Day Cards

Top 5 New Articles
Of the articles written in May 2012, these were the most-viewed that month.

  1. Coupons for Special Moms
  2. How to Adapt Sports for Inclusion
  3. Book Review: Easy to Love But Hard to Raise
  4. What Is Kidney Dysplasia?
  5. Share Your Special-Needs Experience

Most Commented-On Posts
These are the posts that got the most reaction from you in May. The year the post was written is indicated in parentheses.

  1. Autistic Kids, Violent Adults (2009)
  2. Screen-Free? Not Me (2012)
  3. Children With Down Syndrome in Demand for Adoption (2006)
  4. Asperger Syndrome on The Big Bang Theory (2009)
  5. In the Forum: Orthographic Dyslexia (2012)

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All of Your Comments
Find a list of all posts that received comments in May in these weekly comment round-ups:

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