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Site of the Day: January 2013

Worthwhile Special-Needs Spots on the Web


Looking for somewhere good to surf? Stop by this Site of the Day listing for a daily destination of interest to parents of children with special needs. Listed here are the sites or pages featured each day in January 2013. For more sites, visit the index.

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1. January 2013 Calendar

Love Notes for Special Parents Calendar 2013 - January
Image and text by Terri Mauro
Happy 2013! Download your Love Notes for Special Parents calendar for January.

2. Awareness and Advocacy Events in January

Find out what's going on this month and add your own suggestions.

3. Apostrophe Magazine

According to its About Us page, "Apostrophe promotes inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our stories and photos show people achieving independence, contributing to their communities, enjoying life."

4. Petition Regarding Staged Shooting at Special-Needs School

If you're shocked and appalled that administrators at a Harlem school thought it was a good idea to put 400 kids with disabilities through a surprise drill that included a staged shooting -- on the Tuesday after Sandy Hook -- express your outrage on this Change.org petition.

5. Fun Things to Do

Your weekly list of fun things to do on the Web:

  1. Activity: Easy Fat-Free Pumpkin-Apple Angel Food Bars
  2. Kids' Site: Just for Kids - Allergy and Asthma Games
  3. Shopping: Squease
  4. Inspiration: "Autism Devotion: What Love Is"
  5. Just for Fun: In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012

6. Weekly Round-Up

The following articles were added to the About.com Parenting Children With Special Needs site this week:

7. Blind Film Critic on Instagram

Using iPhone's accessibility features, Tommy Edison, blind since birth, has been taking photos and posting them on Instagram. See what he snapped, read more about it on the Mashable blog, and visit Edison's website for videos on blindness.

8. Parents Magazine

The mainstream parenting magazine has a little cutie with spina bifida on the cover this month, walker and all. See the photo, read an interview with 3-year-old Emily Kiecher's mom, and watch a video featuring mother and daughter.

9. Vote for Miss Montana

Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, is the first Miss America contestant on the autism spectrum, and you can show your support by voting for her on the Miss America site. View her video to hear her speak about how she hopes to raise awareness.

10. What Can You Do?

The government's Campaign for Disability Employment has an inspirational PSA and helpful materials to raise expectations of what people with disabilities are capable of.
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