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Site of the Day: April 2009


Looking for somewhere good to surf? Stop by this Site of the Day listing for a daily destination of interest to parents of children with special needs. Images generally indicate the topic under which the site falls. Listed here are the sites or pages featured each day in April 2009. For more sites, visit the index.

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1. Love Notes for Special Parents Calendar April 2009

Hey, it's April already! Time to print out your Love Notes for Special Parents calendar page for the month. It's just the right size to tack up by your computer to remind you of the dates, and of how tough you are.

2. Autism Awareness Worksheets

Image by Terri Mauro
Today is World Autism Day and April is Autism Awareness Month -- a good time to break out this collection of printable worksheets for raising children's autism awarness, from About.com's guide to Homeschooling.

3. Talk About It

Image by Terri Mauro
Greg Grunberg, star of Heroes and father of a child with epilepsy, has rounded up a lot of his famous friends for a site designed to get people talking about, and understanding, the disorder.

4. Fun Things to Do

Image by Terri Mauro
Your Saturday super-sized listing of amusements, including a family activity, a site for the kids, a shopping site, a site offering humor or inspiration about parenting children with special needs, and a site that's just silly or fun.

5. Weekly Round-Up

Catch up with everything you missed this week on the About.com Parenting Special Needs site.

6. All About Parenting Blog Carnival: Going Green

Heather Corley, About.com's guide to Baby Products, hosts this month's carnival, which includes my blog post on creative recycling.

7. Safe Patient Program

Image by Terri Mauro
"Have you or a loved one been harmed by a medical error at a hospital or doctor's office?" That's the question asked by this site from Consumer's Union, and you can fill out a questionnaire to provide details.

8. All Access Blogging

If you have a blog and want to make it accessible to readers with disabilities, this blog is full of tricks to show you how.

9. Autism Hangout

Image by Terri Mauro
A place for parents of children with autism to "learn, share, thrive," Autism Hangout offers news stories, discussions, and communities.

10. Teen Advocates for Gluten Sensitivity

Image by Terri Mauro
TAGS offers gluten-sensitive teens a place to meet online, support one another, and spread awareness online, and also to help with the formation of local groups.

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