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How to Research a Disability on About Parenting Special Needs


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Whether you've received a diagnosis for your child or are looking into possibilities, this About Parenting Special Needs site is a great place to start. You'll find resources on specific disabilities, book recommendations, a forum for communicating with other parents, and information on general issues that affect kids with special needs and their families. Here are five steps for getting started with your research.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: We'll get you your facts fast

Here's How:

  1. Go to the Alphabet Soup page or the Index of Special Needs by Name and see if the disability you're looking for is there. The link will lead you to a definition of that disability and sources for more information.
  2. Check the "Issues" section appropriate to that disability. Choose from Medical Issues, Behavior Issues, Developmental Issues, Learning Issues, or Mental Health Issues. In each of these sections, you'll find general information about problems common to children with these issues, subcategories for specific disabilities, links to articles on the site, and referrals to other internet resources that will take you right to the page you need.
  3. Every page of the site has a search box at the top. Type in the name of the disability to find articles that mention it, both on the Parenting Special Needs site and around About.com.
  4. Browse through the selections in the Harried Parent's Book Club. You may find a book on a general subject that includes the disability you're interested in.
  5. Ask in the forum. Post about the disability you're looking into, and you may hear from parents who are dealing with those same problems. And it will give your guide a reminder to add more information about that disability to the site.


  1. Just looking for some inspiration and understanding? Check the Respite category. In addition to getting information on support groups and respite providers, you'll find humor, games, tips for stress relief, and inspiring reads like our Love Notes for Special Parents.
  2. Concerned about school issues? The School Survival Kit is a good index to all the school-related content on this site.
  3. Wondering about therapies, both the kind you take your child to and the kind you do at home? The categories on Therapies and Equipment can give you the guidance you need.
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