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Breastfeeding a Child with Special Needs

Yes, it can be done


If your baby has special needs, breastfeeding may present particular challenges, but your child may be particularly in need of its benefits. Breastfeeding has been credited with preventive powers against asthma, cancer, Celiac disease and other ills, and the closeness it fosters between mother and baby can be important to bonding and development. These articles from around the Web give information on breastfeeding babies with special needs, tell the stories of mothers who have done it, and help you find support and advice for trying it with your own infant.

FAQ on Special Needs Babies
Source: La Leche League

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Source: Baby Center

Breastfeeding Babies with Special needs
Source: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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Source: PreemieParenting.com

Breastfeeding Disabled or Handicapped Babies
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Breastfeeding a Baby with Down Syndrome
Source: Kellymom

Research Evidence about Breastfeeding Infants with Special Needs
Source: MNRS Research Conference

Breastfeeding a Special-Needs Baby: Two Mums Tell Their Stories
Source: Baby Centre

Breastfeeding Molly: My Special Needs Daughter
Source: Mothering Magazine

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