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Special-Needs Book Authors

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Use this alphabetical index to find authors whose books have been reviewed for the Harried Parent's Book Club.

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Ackerman, Diane

Cover image courtesy of Simon & Schuster

Book Reviewed: An Alchemy of Mind
Bio from Book Jacket: "Diane Ackerman is a naturalist and poet and the author of ten books of literary nonfiction, including A Natural History of the Senses, A Natural History of Love, and Cultivating Delight. Also the author of six volumes of poetry and several nonfiction children's books, she contributes to The New York Times, Discover, National Geographic, Parade, and many other publications. Ackerman lives in Ithaca, New York."
Author's Site: http://dianeackerman.com/index.htm

Aldridge, David

Happy Families
Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Book Reviewed: Happy Families (with Carmelite Avraham-Krehwinkel); Understanding Fragile X (with Isabel Fernandez Carvajal)
Bio from the Happy Families Book Cover: "David Aldridge is co-director of the Nordoff Robbins Centre in Witten, Germany. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and co-editor of the interdisciplinary journal 'Music and Medicine.'"
Author's Site: http://web.mac.com/davidaldridge1/iWeb/David%20Aldridge/Welcome.html

Anderson, Kyra

Gravity Pulls You In
Cover image courtesy of Woodbine House

Book Reviewed: Gravity Pulls You In (co-edited with Vicki Forman)
Bio from the Book's Site: "Kyra Anderson chronicles life as a homeschooling mom and writer on her blog, thismom.com. Her work has appeared in several small presses. Her memoir, How My Son’s Asperger’s Saved My Ass, is in progress. She lives in New England with her son and children’s book writer/illustrator husband, David Milgrim." -- gravitypullsyouin.com
Author's Site: http://kyraanderson.wordpress.com/

Anderson, Liz McKendry

The Accidental Teacher
Cover image courtesy of Annie Lubliner Lehmann

Book Reviewed: Understanding Sensory Dysfunction (co-authored with Polly Godwin Emmons)
Bio from the Publisher's Site: "Liz McKendry Anderson has a MEd in Elementary Education from Lesley College, MSEd in Special Education from Binghamton University, and holds certifications in Elementary Education and Special Education PreK-12. She is the former director of Education for an Early Intervention Agency and is currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program for Education at Binghamton University. She lives with her husband Richard and their four children in New York." -- jkp.com
Author's Site: http://homepage.mac.com/thandoy/lazylightning/sensory-integration.net/cvs/liz_mckendry_anderson-cv.html

Aquilla, Paula

Cover image courtesy of PriceGrabber

Book Reviewed: Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration (co-authored with Ellen Yack and Shirley Sutton)
Bio from the Book's Front Pages: "Paula Aquilla lives in Toronto with her husband Mark, daughters Katie and Ella, and a large, happy dog, Quinton. Paula is an occupational therpaist who has worked with adults and children in clinical, educational, home, and community based settings. She founded the Yes I Can! Integrated Nursery School, the Yes I Can! Summer Camp, and the I Love My Baby Program in Toronto, where she was director for six years. Paula was also the founding executive director of Giant Steps in Toronto. She is an active treating therapist who currently runs a private practice serving families with children who have special needs."

Armstrong, Thomas

Cover image courtesy of PriceGrabber

Book Reviewed: The Myth of the A.D.D. Child
Bio from the Book's Front Pages: "Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., is the author of seven books, including Seven Kinds of Smart (Plume), In Their Own Way, and Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius. A former special education teacher, he has written frequently on parenting and education issues for publications such as Ladies' Home Journal and Family Circle. He lives in Sonoma County, California."
Author's Site: http://www.thomasarmstrong.com/

Arwine, Bonnie

Cover photo courtesy of Sensory Resources

Book Reviewed: Starting Sensory Integration Therapy
Bio from the Book Cover: "Bonnie Arnwine is the mother of an exceptional child, and sensory integration therapy has been an integral part of her son's successful transition from special education to full inclusion in regular classes. Formerly a preschool teacher, she is now Director of Children's Ministries for Fair Oaks Church of Concord, CA. She earned her Bachelor's degree in English from the University of California at Davis and has undertaken graduate work in education. She currently lives in Concord, California, with her husband, son, and daughter."
Author's Site: http://sensoryfun.com/home

Arthur-Kelly, Michael

Cover image courtesy of Brookes Publishing Co.

Book Reviewed: Enhancing Everyday Communication for Children With Disabilities (co-authored with Jeff Sigafoos and Nancy Butterfield)
Bio from the University of Newcastle: "My research has focused on the needs of individuals with multiple and severe disability. Communication intervention and behaviour support are two main strands of this research, informed by behaviour state assessment. The specialised nature of this work and the low incidence rates mean that it is not always easy to obtain large funding because such investigations may not be perceived as popular in application or valuable for generalised use with a wider population. The needs of these people, nevertheless, are very high and the social justice aspects of their situation are highly significant." -- newcastle.edu.au
Author's Site: http://www.newcastle.edu.au/school-old/education/staff/arthurkellymichael/

Auer, Christopher R.

Cover image courtesy of New Harbinger

Book Reviewed: Parenting a Child With Sensory Processing Disorder (with Susan L. Blumberg)
Bio from the Book Cover: "Christopher R. Auer, MA, is with the Mayor's Office for Education and Children as the disabilities and mental health administrator for Denver's Great Kids Head Start."

Aumann, Kim

Helping Children With Complex Needs Bounce Back
Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Book Reviewed: Helping Children With Complex Needs Bounce Back (co-authored with Angie Hart)
Bio from the Book Cover: "Kim Aumann is Director of ART (Amaze REsearch and Training.) Amaze is a parent-lef voluntary organization offering support and advice to parents of children with special needs and disabilities. She has been a practitioner in this area for 15 years."
Author's Site: http://www.amazebrighton.org.uk/default.asp

Avraham-Krehwinkel, Carmelite

Happy Families
Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Book Reviewed: Happy Families (co-authored with David Aldridge)
Bio from Book Cover: "Dr. Carmelite Avraham-Krehwinkel is an affiliate researcher at the Nordoff Robbins Centre in Witten, Germany. She has many years of experience in child, adolescent and family psychotherapy, and specialises in working with children with behavioural problems."

Ayres, A. Jean

Cover image courtesy of Western Psychological Services

Book Reviewed: Sensory Integration and the Child
Bio Excerpted from the Book's Preface: "Dr. A. Jean Ayres began to develop sensory integration theory, as well as the evaluation procedures and intervention strategies that were associated with this framework, in the 1950s. ... Although she was a dedicated researcher and educator, Dr. Ayres was foremost a therapist who worked tirelessly to help the children and families who came to her therapy clinic. ... Dr. Ayres wrote this book in order to bring ... relief and hope to families beyond those who were able to come to her clinic."
Author's Site: http://www.siglobalnetwork.org/index_en/index.html

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