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Holiday Survival Kit

Part 1: Shopping Survival


Shopping for the holidays is often more fretful than fun, especially when you have children with special needs on your list and want to get them something they'll both enjoy and benefit by. Here you'll find good gift ideas for your child and yourself, along with some things to think about while shopping.

Find great gifts for kids who ...

* Have asthma
* Have diabetes
* Have cancer
* Have food allergies
* Are allergic to latex
* Have autism, and an attitude
* Need a light little word processor
* Use sign language
* Use a wheelchair
* Hate Harry Potter
* Like playing games, even if they're educational
* Like new software, even if it's educational
* Love to cook
* Love to swim despite special needs
* Really need to calm down

Plus gifts for family members who ...

* Love children with autism
* Could use a nice special-needs awareness calendar

Put a book on your wish list about ...

* Parenting children with special needs
* Behavior management
* Family issues
* Humor and inspiration
* Fathers' experiences
* Mothers' experiences

Stuff a stocking with ...

* Sensory integration toys
* Charity wristbands
* Car magnets

Before you hit the mall ...

* Make a plan
* Find out more about those CDs your kids want
* Shop in a sensory integration catalog
* Shop at a site that benefits children's charities
* Learn how to shop for a parenting book
* Read some parenting book reviews
* Buy online from parents like you

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