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Holiday Survival Kit

Part 2: Family Survival


Big family gatherings. Enforced attendance at events. Extra worship services. Holiday programs at school. Lots of time off. Disrupted routines. Cabin fever. These stressful signs of the season hardly help keep families merry. Follow the tips here to tackle those pesky holiday traditions, manage your child's behavior all through these messy months, and show at least some little unwanted guests the door.

Make traditions more tolerable with tips for ...

* Getting special-needs kids through family get-togethers
* Having guests in your own home without making your child crazy
* Dressing your child up
* Dealing with toxic people
* Worshiping with a special needs child
* Reducing child turbulence on plane flights
* Making mealtime more special for people with special needs
* Keeping kids safe and healthy

Make holiday meals safer with recipes for ...

* Gluten-free Christmas cookies
* Diabetic Christmas cookies
* Gluten-free fruitcake
* Nut-free Fruitcake
* Allergy-safe pumpkin pie
* Gluten-free stuffing
* Dairy-free mashed potatoes
* Less-sweet sweet potatoes
* Egg-free eggnog
* Apple pie you can make with your child

Keep a tight rein on your child's behavior by ...

* Preventing holiday pageant overload
* Making smoother transitions
* Keeping a big "bag of tricks"
* Controlling your reactions
* Doing some behavior analysis
* Saying what you mean
* Choosing your battles
* Counting to 10
* Saying "I love you" every day

If jumbles of winter coats in the schoolroom has brought critters home to roost ...

* Use mayo to smother head lice
* Use tea tree oil to repel them
* Use special nit-picking techniques for kids with sensory integration problems
* Be careful before using Lindane
* Teach your child about head lice

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