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Before You Do Your Holiday Baking


Having a child on a restricted diet can really cramp your style when it comes to creating cookies and other traditional holiday favorites. I've searched the Web to find recipes that allow you to treat your child while still staying safe. Try baking up something new -- with your child helping -- and start some traditions of your own.

Christmas Cookies

Crisp and sweet, frosted and spiced, Christmas cookies are one of our favorite harbingers of the season. If gluten and sugar are no-nos for your little cookie monster, you'll have to develop some new variations on those old standards. Here are some recipes to get you going.


Jokes about the inedibility of fruitcake take on a new meaning when that holiday staple has ingredients your child can't tolerate. Make one everybody will be able to enjoy with gluten- and nut-free recipes.


Though they may not be the first baked good that pops to mind at the holidays, delicious chocolatey brownies are welcome any time of year. A batch that's suited to your child's dietary needs will be a welcome addition to a school party or family buffet.

Pumpkin Goodies

Who says pumpkin pie's just for Thanksgiving? Especially when tailored to your child's dietary needs, pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread are perfect for Christmas and New Year's festivities, too.

Cookies of Any Kind

When it comes right down to it, any cookie can be a Christmas cookie. Bake up some allergy-safe oatmeal and fudge sandwich cookies -- or whatever cookies you've found that are safe and appealing to your child -- put them on a plate shaped like a Santa or a Christmas tree, and no one is going to question their credentials.
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