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Therapeutic Activities You Can Do at Home

Therapists can apply years of training and experience, and roomfuls of appropriate equipment, to the care of your child, but you have one advantage that they do not: constant access. If you feel your child could use more help than he or she can get in the hours spent in a therapist's office, here are some sites that offer ways to help your child without leaving home -- from organized therapies to fun activities with therapeutic benefits to catalogs that offer helpful equipment. Need more ideas? Ask your therapist.
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Before You Play With Your Child
Finding the time to play with your child can be tricky, when you're also under pressure to do therapy and strengthen learning skills and bolster development. Try one of these eight play opportunities that do double duty, helping you both have fun and do good.

Do-It-Yourself Therapy
If your child gets speech, OT and PT at school, vacations can cause a slide in skills. Keep the progress going with these at-home techniques for four common school-based therapies.

Make Your Own Therapy Tools and Toys
Can't afford the fancy therapy items in sensory integration and speech therapy catalogs? Make or find your own using these 20 easy suggestions.

Play Outside with Your Child
Playing outside is one of those rites of childhood that gets championed by people who feel kids today spend too much time in front of a screen. But for those of us who have children with special needs, outdoor play can be problematic. Here are five ideas for finding fun with your child outdoors.

Floortime Versus Applied Verbal Behavior
In an excerpt from "Act Early Against Autism," author Jayne Lytel explains how she would interact with her son using AVB and Floortime. In addition to providing a good comparison of the two approaches, the excerpt also illustrates the ways that parents of children with special needs must think on their feet to apply therapies and interact with their kids.

Top 10 Ways to Work Out with Your Child
Movement activities that provide therapeutic benefits for children with special needs.

Make Your Child Into a Burrito
This is a great togetherness activity for kids with sensory integration problems who crave deep pressure but hate being held and hugged.

Video: Brain Gym Demonstration
A occupational therapist who runs Brain Gym workshops demonstrates many of the activities that make up the program of educational kinesiology.

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