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What Kind of IEP Advocate Are You?


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Find Your Style and Sharpen Your Skills
Advocacy Styles

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Are you aggressive in fighting for your child's special-education rights? Do you document every request with stacks of statistics and reports? Do you cultivate personal relationships with school personnel? Do you live in fear of confrontation, or blow the whole thing off? Some parents may start out docile and be driven to dispute by school misbehavior, while others may go great guns for a while and then get worn out. All of us have our own advocacy style, a combination of our unique personalities and skill-sets and experiences along the way. Take a fun quiz to learn your advocacy style, and find out more about what's good about it, what's bad about it, and what you can do to change. Select an advocacy style below or navigate through this article to read more.

Advocacy Style: Avoidant

Advocacy Style: Apprehensive

Advocacy Style: Accommodating

Advocacy Style: Assertive

Advocacy Style: Aggressive

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