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Inclusion and Special Education

Taking children with special needs out of special classes and special schools and educating them with their less-challenged peers is a strategy that's gaining momentum, but too many school districts dive in without carefully planning how to make it work. These links can help you find out whether inclusion is right for your child, and whether your school district is doing all it should.
  1. Books on Inclusion (10)

25 Signs Your Child's Classroom Isn't Really So Inclusive
Many schools say they're doing inclusion, but what's actually going on in those classrooms is anything but. If you're unsure that your school's doing it right, check for these 25 signs that something's gone wrong.

25 Signs Your Child's School Is Really Practicing Inclusion
Many schools say they're doing inclusion, but how do you know they're not just giving lip service to the idea? Check for these 25 signs that your child's inclusion experience is for real.

Five Ways to Make Your School More Inclusive
Even if your school is not quite with the program, there are things a parent can do to promote inclusion and make kids with special needs part of the school community.

What Are Peer Support Arrangements?
In this excerpt from "Peer Support Strategies," authors Erik W. Carter, Lisa S. Cushing, and Craig H. Kennedy describe peer support arrangements for helping special-education students in inclusion classrooms.

Differentiating Instruction
An excerpt from "The Teacher's Guide to Inclusive Education" illustrates a method for tailoring classroom instruction to the needs of special-education, regular-education, and gifted students.

The Inclusive Class Podcast
Find the topics you're looking for on an index of "The Inclusive Class" podcasts, hosted by Terri Mauro and Nicole Eredics.

Inclusion - Parents Speak Out
Opinions on inclusion from parents and therapists, as well as tips for a positive experience. From The Lissencephaly Network.

Inclusive Communities
Thought-provoking advocacy for inclusion in many different settings, from PBS Parents.

Inclusion, Least Restricive Environment, Mainstreaming
Articles and FAQs about the legal basis for inclusion, from the indispensible special education site Wrightslaw.

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