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Videos of Children With Special Needs

Parents have gone from writing about their special children on e-mail lists and weblogs to documenting their triumphs in videos and photo montages on sites like YouTube. Here is a collection to make you laugh, smile, and maybe shed a tear.
  1. Videos on Albinism (3)
  2. Videos on Autism (8)
  3. Videos on Down Syndrome (5)

The Type 1 Mom Song
A sense of humor helps a lot when you're dealing with juvenile diabetes. Here, a mom sings her way through the day, helping her two diabetic daughters.

Lucia the Fighter
Parents of a child with Deletion 3q27 and bilateral anophthalmia share a video of her struggles and triumphs.

My Little Angel
In a slideshow, the mother of a 4-year-old with Angelman Syndrome shares what she's learned from her daughter.

Patrick Dempsey Visits Addison Sewell in Hospital
Actor Patrick Dempsey visits a young "Grey's Anatomy" fan who is hospitalized with leukemia.

Bryson's Slideshow
A YouTube slideshow of gorgeous black-and-white photos shows the physical abnormalities of a child with Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome), but also what a beautiful child he is and how much he is loved.

In an entry for the March of Dimes PSA Video Contest, a family shares the story of their preemie son, born one pound, six ounces. Along with photos of the tiny one, the video gives statistics about premature birth.

Hope Is in a Cure
A young girl with Type 1 Diabetes stars in this video that explains the terrible challenges of living with the disease, and the need for a cure.

Ana's New Walker & Pulling to Stand
With some coaching from her brother and help from Dad, a little girl with spina bifida uses her new walker, stands in her crib, and crawls up the stairs.

Olivia Visits the Mall
Olivia, a little girl with 22q13 Deletion Syndrome (Phelan-McDermid Syndrome) rolls determinedly through the mall in her walker with frequent course corrections from her brother.

MDA Summer Camp
MDA camps give children with Muscular Dystrophy a chance to swim, play, and have fun in the great outdoors just like anybody else. This video captures the joy of campers participating in and talking about their favorite activities.

A photo montage shares three years in the life of a girl born with Emanuel Syndrome, and how she has proved doctors wrong and brought her family hope and love.

Falling Into You
A mother shares the trials and tribulations of her triplets, two boys and a girl born at 25 weeks gestation, and still fighting, surviving, and smiling years later.

CHD Kids
In a photo montage, children with CHD go from fragile infants connected to tubes and wires to smiling children living their lives.

A girl with spina bifida gets a ride on a mobility scooter in a video shot by a proud grandparent.

Cameron's Journey
A family shares the joys and challenges of the first three years in the life of their son, who has cerebral palsy.

First Two Years of Life
In this YouTube video made by his adoptive mom, a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) grows from a tiny four-pound infant to a toddler sturdy enough to give skiing a try.

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