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Health-Care News 2012


Health Care News - 2012

In 2012, I blogged about a hospital denying a girl a kidney transplant because of her intellectual disability and a book about perinatal hospice. Other stories on health-care issues featured in Today's News and Views in 2012 came from the following sites and blogs:

+ Your hospital infection questions answered

+ Cost of children's health care hitting families harder

Different Dream
+ The Special Place in Medicaid for the Child with Special Needs

5 Minutes for Special Needs
+ Insurance Advocate: Why You Need One and How To Get One

+ U.S. Children's Hospitals Treating More Complex, Expensive Conditions

Love That Max
+ Could an ER handle your child? Are you sure?

+ Katie Beckett Leaves Legacy For Kids With Disabilities

The World of Special Olympics
+ An Update on Amelia

Thomas Marshall Does It All
+ Thomas Marshall Does It All: #8 Designing a Hospital Room

+ Keeping emergency department visits anxiety-free—for children and parents

+ Antiseptics Used to Prevent Health Care Infections Might Cause Them. Oops.

+ Getting a Special Needs Bed Through Insurance

Read more on topics mentioned here: What Doctors Should Know | Medical Special Needs | Emergency Rooms.

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