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In the Community: Finding a Social Life for Your Child

So much of children's lives these days are driven by their after-school activities -- soccer and Little League, Scouts, church groups and cliques. But what do you do if your child isn't physically or developmentally able to participate? Integrating your child into extended family gatherings or community events isn't always easy, either. Here are some suggestions for giving your child a social life -- and making your community more open to people with special needs.
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Community Trouble Spots for Children With Special Needs
Taking your child with special needs out into the community can feel like setting foot in a minefield. Check out these potential trouble spots, and get tips on how to give your child and your family a successful experience.

Sports for Special Needs
Every child has the right to enjoy the fun of playing sports, the joy of teamwork, the achievement of hitting a ball or making a goal or crossing the finish line. Many programs have been developed to get children and adults with disabilities in the game. Find one that's right for your child.

Choosing the Right Summer Camp for a Child with Special Needs
Which is best for your child -- a special needs camp, a community camp, or a summer spent at home with you? Learn the pros and cons of each, find out what questions to ask, and get started with giving your child the best summer ever.

Disability Rights Resources
People with disabilities are fighting for the right to participate equally in society, to be included in schools and in the workforce, and to have their lives valued as highly as anybody else's. These articles deal with the fight for disability rights, from the ADA to the protest against Million Dollar Baby and Tropic Thunder.

Special-Needs Advocacy: Seven Ways to Get Involved
Until your child is old enough to advocate for disability rights, it's your responsibility to do what you can to make the world a friendlier place for people with special needs, now and as your child becomes an adult.

Sites of the Day: Special Programs
Listing of sites on programs for children with special needs that have been featured as a About Parenting Special Needs Site of the Day.

We Expect Respect
If parents of children with special needs would speak together with one voice in demanding respect for all, perhaps businesses and community groups would not feel so free to exclude us.

Eight Reasons to Be Inclusive
If you've convinced yourself that inclusion is a bad idea and not a practical possibility for your school or church or club or community, I've got eight reasons to reconsider.

Ten Things You Can Do for the Parent of a Child With Special Needs
People often ask parents of kids with special needs if there's anything they can do, without any idea (on either side) of what that might be. Here are ten ideas to consider.

Fear of Escalators
Is your child afraid of escalators? Reluctance to step aboard that moving staircase can lead to anything from frustrated persuasion to irate shoppers lined up behind you to a full-blown tantrum. It may seem like a small deal to you to find your moment and jump aboard, but don't assume your child's just being stubborn or a scaredy-cat. There can be legitimate reasons for escalator reluctance.

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