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For children with food allergies, sensory sensitivities, and other restrictions


So you have a child who needs to avoid peanuts, or gluten, or dairy, or sugar. Your child freaks out over noise, touch, hugs, perfume. Your child's health may be directly affected by smoking or stray germs. How do you put others on alert that your child needs to avoid certain things, and make sure they know that no means NO? If you're organized, you can order cute shirts or stickers to tell the tale, but in a pinch, try this: Print out one of these "NO _____ PLEASE!" labels, at whatever size works best for you. Fill in the thing your child needs to stay away from. Tape or pin it to your child's shirt, or glue it to a piece of stiff paper and hang it around your child's neck. If the people you'll be out with are particularly clueless, add the "I MEAN IT!" sign. People of good will will abide by your warnings. And those that don't get a "NO ONE TALK TO ME PLEASE!" sign of their own.
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Warning Label: NO _____ PLEASE!Warning Labels: NO _____ PLEASE!/I MEAN IT!Warning Label: I MEAN IT!
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