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Learning-Disability News 2012


Learning-Disability News 2012

Learning-disability-related stories featured in Today's News and Views in 2012 came from the following sites and blogs:

About.com Learning Disabilities
+ Specialized Colleges and Programs for Students with LDs

+ Is There a "Right to Learn to Read"?

Education Week
+ E x t r a S p a c i n g Improves Reading for Those With Dyslexia
+ Reading Program Ineffective for Students With Learning Disabilities
+ The Other Achievement Gap: Children With Learning Disabilities

Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner
+ 10 iOS Apps for Individuals Who Struggle with Reading and/or Writing

National Center for Learning Disabilities
+ Testing for Dyslexia

Teachers With Apps
+ 50 Best iPad Apps for Reading Disabilities

Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs
+ iPads for Learners with Severe/Multiple Disabilities

+ Anthony True Trains Other Students with Dyslexia to Self-Advocate
+ Executive Function: The Impact on Math Skills
+ 'Smartpen' Pilot Program Helps Students with Disabilities

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