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Handling Your Child's Learning Issues

Whether your child has a specific learning disability or requirers a different approach to succeed, here's the place to find information on tools, techniques and therapies that can turn learning from frustrating to fulfilling.
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Types of Learning Disabilities
Use this alphabetical index to find information on your child's diagnosis, or a diagnosis you're curious about.

Five Secrets to Success
We all want our children to be successful. But we may need to use different criteria to measure success for a child with special needs. Here are five ways to think about what success means for your child, and make it happen.

Games for Fun and Learning
Playing games with your child not only provides you with nice together-time, but can also reinforce educational concepts.

Say What You Mean
Children with special needs may have trouble deciphering figures of speech, tone of voice, body language, sarcasm. You'll have more luck getting your message through if you say just what you mean.

Finding Happiness in Your Child
In this excerpt from "Ready to Learn: How to Help Your Preschooler Succeed," author Stan Goldberg suggests parents start by focusing on the present, not dreaming about the future.

Texts for Summer Learning
Learning doesn't have to take a vacation just because school does. These 10 selections from our Harried Parent Book Club will help you give your child a little parent-directed course of summer learning, and give the two of you some productive together-time, too.

Let's Not Pretend
While most of the enthusiasm and assignments in children's reading are focused on fiction, some reluctant readers may prefer just the facts.

If Your Kid Hates Harry: Five Alternatives to Potter Mania
Not wild about Harry? Some kids may find the doorstop-size Harry Potter books too complicated, too wordy, too heavy to handle. Here are five book series that also deal with enterprising kids and supernatural forces, but do so in a way that may be more manageable for reluctant or struggling readers.

Start a Reading Routine
Reading with your child every day helps reluctant readers improve their skills, and gives parents and kids some special one-on-one time to share together.

Sites of the Day: Reading and Writing
Listing of sites on reading and writing that have been featured as an About Parenting Special Needs Site of the Day.

Sites of the Day: Schools and Learning
Listing of sites on schools and learning that have been featured as an About Parenting Special Needs Site of the Day.

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