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Long-Term Planning: Finances and the Future

Your child may be entitled to special education services until age 21, but what happens after that? Start looking into employment and residential programs -- and planning for your child's financial needs -- so that the transition will be a smooth one for your child and your family.
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Getting Started With a Special-Needs Trust
If you know enough to be aware that you need to look into Special Needs Trusts, but not enough to know how to go about it, these five quick tips will get you started.

Getting Started With Estate Planning
Know you should be doing something with estate planning for your child, but don't know where to start? A lawyer who specializes in estate planning for children with special needs gets you going with five things to do right now.

Writing a Letter of Intent
If you were to die suddenly, would those left behind know all the details of your child's everyday life? Use this Letter of Intent template to guide your child's guardians.

Alternatives to Guardianship
In an excerpt from "The Down Syndrome Transition Handbook," Jo Ann Simons, MSW, describes some ways to protect your adult child without having him or her declared incompetent.

Preparing for Your Child's Transition to Adulthood
Whether your child graduates high school on schedule after four years or stays until age 21, you won't want to wait until the transition out of the school system is imminent before making plans for the next stage.

Where to Find a Scholarship for Your Child With a Disability
Find a disability scholarship for your student with special needs with the help of these resources offered on the Web, on campus, and in your own backyard.

Where Can I Find Information About Tax Credits for Special Needs?
Disability-related tax credits may be available to parents of children with special needs. Check these resources to see if they apply to you and your family.

Voting Rights for Americans With Disabilities
Find resources for making voting more accessible and informed for your young person with special needs.

Reviews: Books on Future Planning
Browse reviews of parenting books on future planning from the Harried Parent's Book Club.

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