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Every weekday, I'll post a question here on a topic in Today's Special-Needs News with a link to a Readers Respond page for your answers. Take advantage of this daily opportunity to express yourself -- hey, how often does someone actually ask for your opinion?

Question of the Day for Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today’s news mentioned survey results on paraprofessional training (or lack thereof), and certainly there’s lots of information parents would like to think everybody who works with children with special needs has on hand. What would you like special education professionals to know? Share on the Readers Respond page, and be sure to check the diagnosis-specific teacher information on this site to help you assemble your packets for the upcoming school year.

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Monday, July 28, 2014 In the news today was a post about strengthening your child's pencil grip, and that got me thinking about pencils and all those other school supplies we start hitting stores up for about now. Do you have a specal-needs school supply you swear by? Share it on the Readers Respond page. And for more shopping suggestions, visit my special-needs school-shopping gallery.

Friday, July 25, 2014: On the Inclusive Class podcast, my cohost Nicole Eredics and I have been discussion inclusion for about three years now, talking with educators, parents, and advocates about what it takes to make inclusion work. As we prepare for a month off and a new format in the fall, it's time for you to give your answer to that question: What does it take to make inclusion work? Share your response on the Readers Respond page, and look into the inclusion folder on this About.com site for some ideas on what it is and isn't, and how you can make a difference. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014: Items in today's news including a video celebrating the beauty of kids with special needs and the way they're often underestimated just because no one takes the time to consider that they might hear and learn and understand. As parents, we need to be our children's public-relations representatives, making sure everyone understands the great things they're capable of and their worthiness of love and respect. Has your child done something special lately you'd like to brag about? Share it on the Readers Respond pages for "Look what my kid can do!" For more on having high expectations for our kids, read a post I wrote for Hopeful Parents a few years back, "But What If They Can?," and articles about differentiated instruction and inclusion advocacy on this site.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014: On this week's Parenting RoundAbout podcast, my About.com colleagues and I shared our favorite tips and tricks for surviving theme-park trips with kids. Now it's time for you to pass on your tips by answering the Readers Respond question, "What are your special-needs strategies for Disney theme parks?" For more on the topic, read my articles on "Planning a Disney Trip With Sensory Processing Precautions" and "Preventing a Mickey Mouse Meltdown."


Looking for more questions to answer? Try a quiz written just for parents of kids with special needs, or share your knowledge on a Readers Respond page.

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