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Special-Needs Christmas Carol Card #7

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Special-Needs Carol 7: Trouble on the Rooftop

Front Text: (design at right)
Trouble on the Rooftop, sung to the tune of "Up on the Rooftop" -- Up on the rooftop, what's that then? Our child has escaped again. Out through the window, down the spout How does that little one get out? Uh uh oh! Look at him go! Uh uh oh! Look at him go! Oh, out through the back door Quick as can be, Off down the sidewalk So merrily. Wanders around the neighborhood -- This escaping's just no good. Wanders the highway, goes to town. Call the police to hunt him down. Uh uh oh! Go on home! Uh uh oh! Don't ever roam! Don't sneak up the chimney Or through the dog door Stay in your room Forever more.

Choice of Inside Text: (click to download; "Boy" and "Girl" refer to pronoun used in front text)

  • Wishing you only nice surprises this Christmas.
    Boy | Girl
  • Wishing you only nice surprises this holiday season.
    Boy | Girl
  • Merry Christmas! Boy | Girl
  • Happy Holidays! Boy | Girl
  • (blank) Boy | Girl

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