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Parenting a child with special needs can be an incredible struggle, but it can also be a blessing. If you need a reminder of that every now and then, these links should provide it.
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Love Notes for Special Parents
Give yourself some much-needed inspiration with these artful notes of support and encouragement for parents of children with special needs.

Love Notes for Special Parents Calendar 2013
Find inspiration in each month of 2013 with a calendar featuring inspirational messages for parents of kids with special needs.

Love Notes for Special Parents Calendar
Find inspiration in each month of 2012 with a calendar featuring Love Notes for Special Parents, encouraging messages for parents of children with special needs.

Weekday Reflections
Every weekday, Monday through Friday, the About.com Parenting Special Needs site offers an opportunity to read, reflect, and respond to a passage from a book, blog, or article. Read the quote, then follow the link for questions and response suggestions.

Tip of the Day
Every day, Monday through Sunday on this About.com Parenting Special Needs site, I offer a parenting Tip of the Day. They're all gathered here on this month-by-month index.

Realistic Resolutions
There's no time like the beginning of a new year to look at the things you're less than happy about in your life and resolve to do better. Here's one realistic resolution for every day in January -- or any month you want to give your life a little kickstart -- along with the solid information and support you need to help you make your...

Mini-Resolutions for Every Day
Easy little New Year's resolutions make it easy to keep your promises, even if you miss a day now and then.

10 Reasons to Give Thanks for Your Child With Special Needs
Having one of those days when nothing seems to be going right? Check this list for a smile and a little inspiration.

To-Do Lists
Inspirational lists for parents, particularly parents of children with special needs, suitable for printing and framing.

Enterprising Parents
When you've identified a problem with your special needs child, strategized solutions, and found something that works, what do you do next? For some enterprising parents, the answer is: Go into business.

Parenting How-To's
Why shouldn't parents have homework, too? Get your assignment here and learn how to do everything from writing an effective note to the teacher to checking your child's homework to requesting an IEP.

Mom Moments
It only takes a minute to have a great idea, a good laugh, a meaningful thought. Each of these "Mom Moments" consists of a short book passage, some questions to ponder, and suggestions for action. Steal a few seconds and get inspired.

8 Quick Ways to Get Inspired
Parents of children with special needs all seek a little inspiration now and then ... or maybe every day. Here are eight quick ways to find it when you need it.

Create a Joy Journal
It's easy to see when things go wrong or hard times prevail, but the joyful times and positive developments deserve some attention, too. Keep a journal just for that good news, and create a powerful record of your family's triumphs.

Top Ten Most Popular Parenting Special Needs Articles of 2010
What were parents of children with special needs most interested in over the past year? 504 plans, behavior plans, and credit-card-free iTunes accounts. The ten articles below represent the most visited articles on the About Parenting Special Needs site for 2009. Use this list to remind yourself of topics you meant to check out, see what other...

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