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Our Love Notes for Special Parents provide encouragement, support, and empowerment for parents dealing with children with special needs. If you'd like to share these good words with another parent -- or just put them somewhere where you can see them every day -- click on a selection below, then print it out and cut it out. The designed notes are suitable for giving in a card, putting in a frame, placing in a scrapbook, or sticking on your refrigerator. Or put them in a specially designed frame magnet from Sherri Osborn, the About.com guide to Family Crafts. ... See also: Calendars | Greeting Cards
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You Are StrongYou Are an ExpertYou Are a Good ParentYou Make a Difference
You Deserve RespectYou Try HardYou Have a MissionYou Have Superpowers
You Are BlessedYou Are ResourcefulYou Deserve a BreakYou're a Good Learner
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