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8 Quick Ways to Get Inspired


We all need a little inspiration now and then ... or maybe every day. Here are eight quick ways to find it.

1. Surf these inspirational websites. Honestly, can you ever read "Welcome to Holland" too many times?

2. Read these tales of families coping with special needs. Set aside a little time each day to share their stories.

3. Love Notes for Special Parents are quick bursts of appreciation and inspiration, suitable for posting and framing.

4. Watch one of these inspirational videos about children with special needs and their families.

5. Follow my Weekday Reflections for daily food for thought.

6. Set up Google News Alerts to e-mail you news articles about special needs issues and diagnoses you're interested in. You'll get some good information as well as some inspiring personal stories.

7. Visit these special-needs oriented humor websites for some spirit-renewing laughter.

8. Watch your kids. Aren't they just amazing? There's nothing more inspirational than that.

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