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Weekday Reflections

March 2009


Every weekday, Monday through Friday, the About.com Parenting Special Needs site offers an opportunity to read, reflect, and respond to a passage from a book, blog, or article. Here are the entries for March, 2009. Read the quote, then follow the link for questions and response suggestions.

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Monday, March 2: Behavior

Read: "Children misbehave because they lack the communication skills and insight to tell us what's really happening. It's our job to look beyond the behavior to the root feelings." -- Tina Feigal, Toolbox Parenting

Tuesday, March 3: Abilities

Cover image courtesy of PriceGrabber. Compare prices for "The Challenging Child."
Read: "Parents can make a dramatic difference in how children use their wonderfully different natural abilities. Children vary considerably in the ways they use their senses and bodies and the ways they respond to the world. For each unique pattern, however, parents can create experiences that promote flexibility." -- Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., The Challenging Child

Wednesday, March 4: Disability

Read: "Anyone can become disabled -- the fact is, we will always be people first, with things we can and can't do second. I think everyone in life has their own "disability" -- something that challenges them -- whether it is visible or not." -- Francesca Martinez, Telegraph.co.uk

Thursday, March 5: Dreams

Cover image courtesy of Amacom
Read: "The idea that people with disabilities have something to contribute to society or that they have the right to pursue the American Dream sounds like a foreign concept to many members of our society. If there is any acknowledgment of rights, it is generally no more than humane care with little opportunity to be a contributing member of society. Adults with disabilities deserve a dream, too." -- Peggy Lou Morgan, Parenting an Adult With Disabilities or Special Needs

Friday, March 6: Self-Respect

Cover image courtesy of PriceGrabber. Compare prices for "Reflections From a Different Journey."
Read: "The most important task of parenting is giving your children a foundation of self-respect. Everything else -- your happiness and theirs -- flows from that." -- Reflections From a Different Journey, edited by Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D., and John D. Kemp.

Monday, March 9: Activism

Read: "Activism does not have to be militant, so I want to reveal that it is disconcerting to hear the two as synonyms, and I think there is a huge gap in understanding the journey parents must go on that the 'outside world' (meaning families with children without disabilities) simply do not understand." -- Estee Klar, The Joy of Autism

Tuesday, March 10: Enlightenment

Cover image courtesy of PriceGrabber. Compare prices for "The Out-of-Sync Child."
Read: "Giving your child attention when he needs it and when a job must get done quickly is perfectly okay. Particularly when your family runs on a tight schedule, you will do whatever works to move everybody from Point A to Point B. Unenlightened parents ignore their children. Enlightened parents do what they can to make their children's lives pleasant and safe." -- Carol Stock Kranowitz, The Out-of-Sync Child

Wednesday, March 11: Expectations

Cover image courtesy of PriceGrabber. Compare prices for "The Bipolar Child."
Read: "So, the parent must step out of time and place and become the parent this child needs, not the parent that society (and the parent's ego) dictates. It requires an almost superhuman love, where the parent's expectations are set aside and the needs of the child are met first." -- Demitri Papolos, M.D., and Janice Papolos, The Bipolar Child

Thursday, March 12: Grieving

Read: "My lowest moments in parenting -- the ones I want to stuff away in shame and never let my children or the world see -- are the ones where I couldn’t accept that my children were themselves rather than my vision of them. They're the times I grieve the loss of what never was, and now go on to grieve the grieving." -- Mary P. Jones, A Room of Mama's Own

Friday, March 13: Leisure

Cover image courtesy of Judy Winter
Read: "Leisure time is important to all families. Put fun back in your lives. You may need to modify your plans and pack lots of extra supplies. Your family vehicle may threten to break under the weight of all the stuff, but it's worth the effort. By risking new adventures, we got a big chunk of our lives back -- plus some priceless memories." -- Judy Winter, Breakthrough Parenting for Children With Special Needs
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