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Reactive Attachment Disorder

Parenting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) can be a baffling, hurtful, isolating process. These sites offer information, empowerment, support, and -- most importantly -- the knowledge that you're not in this alone.

First Five Things to Do After Your Child Is Diagnosed with RAD
A handful of easy, quick suggestions to help you get a fast start on helping your child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Before You Look for Information on Reactive Attachment Disorder
Start with these recommended resources for finding facts, strategies, and advice on parenting children with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Preparing the School for Your Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder
School can be a dangerous place for children with an attachment disorder -- and for the families that send them there. Let the school know what your child needs to be safe with these tips and printouts.

Setting Up a Safety Plan
A safety plan is an organized system of rules and guidelines used to supervise and structure time and space, due to the behavior of one or more members of the family.

What Is Reactive Attachment Disorder?
A definition of RAD, with links to more information.

What Is Attachment Disorder?
A definition of AD, with links to more information.

Reactive Attachment Disorder Forum
Our RAD forum is a great place to go to seek information, get advice, or just vent a little.

Attachment Therapy
An overview of the issues surrounding attachment therapy, and information on where to find a therapist.

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