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Best Special-Needs Online Community - About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2011


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Finalist: Netbuddy
Screenshot courtesy of Netbuddy

Community: Netbuddy
Venue: Website
Url: http://www.netbuddy.org.uk/
Finalist for: Best Special-Needs Online Community

A message from Emma Sterland, project co-ordinator: "Netbuddy is unique because it is the only website that shares practical, how-to information about supporting people with special needs and organises it into easy-to-find sections. Plenty of internet forums provide emotional support, but Netbuddy helps in a very real, practical way. It gives parents and people working with special needs a place to find solutions to everyday practical issues, from brushing teeth to coping with challenging behaviour."

For a sampling of Netbuddy, visit these three pages recommended by Emma:
Get a Tip | Info Packs | Forum

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