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Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog - About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2011


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Meet the Finalists

The five finalists for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards write about their experiences with Down syndrome, sensory processing disorder, autism, hypoplasia of the corpus callosum, polymicrogyria, bipolar disorder, international adoption, and all the things that go into parenting a child with special needs and any child at all. They are four moms and a dad, and two have written books that are nominated in other categories. Follow the links below or navigate through this article to learn more about the blogs being honored, and then check out the winners in all four categories.

eSpecially Ben

Hartley's Life with 3 Boys

Just a Little Bit Downsy

Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

Garden of Eagan

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