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Readers' Choice: Favorite New Special-Needs Children's Book


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Finalist: ASD and Me
'ASD and Me: Learning About High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder' by Teresa DeMars
Cover image courtesy of Teresa DeMars

Title: ASD and Me
Subtitle: Learning About High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder
Author: Teresa DeMars
Length: 30 pages
Website: asdandme.org
Finalist for: Favorite Special-Needs Children's Book

Message from the Author: "There are several things that make ASD and Me a very special book. First, the book is told from the point of view of Eli, a child who has autism. Most of the children’s autism books on the market are told from a sibling's or friend's point of view. Eli is a character that gives children on the spectrum a voice. Secondly, it has a great message about how all children are different and how these differences make every child special in their own way. Finally, ASD and Me is very interactive with the reader. The main character, Eli, asks different questions of the reader while explaining autism. For example, after Eli explains how all children are different, he asks 'How are you different from other kids?' Questions like this throughout the book open up discussion between children, parents, and teachers and help children embrace everyone’s differences."

Excerpt from ASD and Me:

Every kid in the world is different. We can see some of these differences on the outside of the body. Some kids have light skin, others have dark skin. Some kids have black or brown hair, others have red or yellow hair. We can see lots of differences.

Other differences are hidden on the inside of the body. ASD affects the way the brain works. Because of this, kids like me think about things differently. And ASD can affect kids in different ways. Some kids that have it can’t talk at all. Others, like me, can talk a lot. Our differences make each of us special in our own way. How are you different from other kids?

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