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Readers' Choice: Favorite New Special-Needs Children's Book


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Finalist: My Friend With Autism
My Friend With Autism by Beverly Bishop
Cover image courtesy of Future Horizons

Title: My Friend With Autism
Subtitle: Enhanced Edition
Author: Beverly Bishop
Length: 41 pages
Website: store.fhautism.com

WINNER, Favorite New Special-Needs Children's Book

Message from the Author: "The full-color version of My Friend with Autism is designed for peers of children with autism. The book explains what autism is in a positive and understandable way, and how the behavior of children with autism can be different from that of typical children. Helping typical children understand their classmates will encourage positive relationships and help to grow meaningful friendships among typical children and their peers with autism. Teachers will find this book invaluable in helping to integrate students with autism spectrum disorders into the typical student group. The enclosed CD contains printable coloring pages to reinforce the lessons of the book. These printed pages can be taken home and shared with parents. As students share the pages of this book with their parents, it will reinforce the child's learning and reassure parents that students with autism are indeed extraordinary, and that they present an exceptional opportunity for learning and interaction."

Excerpts from My Friend With Autism:

I have a friend with autism. He is good at many things.

My friend's ears work really well. He can hear sounds I may not even hear. He is almost always the first one to hear an airplane or a train coming. This is why he sometimes covers his ears even when things don't seem loud to me. ...

My friend is very smart. He is good at counting, the alphabet, and many other things. He knew the letters of the alphabet even when he was a little boy. My friend likes when we play with letters and numbers, like when we spell or count.

Just like me, my friend is good at playing. He especially loves to play with cars, trucks, trains, and things that spin. Sometimes he plays differently than I do, so I watch the way he plays and then I try to do what he is doing, right next to him. Sometimes he will watch me play and then he might try doing what I like to do.

Talking is sometimes hard for my friend. But when he doesn't talk, my feelings are not hurt because I understand that talking is hard for him. Sometimes I can even help him by suggesting some words he might want to say.

Just like me, my friend does many things very well, and some things are hard for him. And just like me, my friend with autism loves to have friends!

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