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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog


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Finalist: Down Wit Dat
Down Wit Dat
Screenshot courtesy of Down Wit Dat

Blog Title: Down Wit Dat
Subtitle: Our kid has more chromosomes than your kid ...
Url: downwitdat.blogspot.com
Online Since: January 2011

WINNER, Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog

Down Wit Dat is written by Jen Logan. I asked Jen to tell us what's special about her blog, and she wrote: "Down Wit Dat is the story of an average family with some not so average challenges. We have twins, one of which has Down Syndrome. Our readers laugh and cry with us as we learn what it means to have a son with a learning disability, while observing the not-so-quiet evolution of two parent advocates. Down Wit Dat is our journey with Trisomy 21, from prenatal diagnosis, to delivery and beyond."

For a sampling of Down Wit Dat, visit these three posts recommended by Jen:
What a Difference a Year Makes | Seeing Double | Gimme Shelter

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