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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog


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Finalist: Kidneys and Eyes
Kidneys and Eyes
Screenshot courtesy of Kidneys and Eyes

Blog Title: Kidneys and Eyes
Subtitle: How The Other Julia Roberts Parents
Url: kidneysandeyes.com
Online Since: May 2004
Finalist for: Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog

Kidneys and Eyes is written by Julia Roberts. I asked Julia to tell us what's special about her blog, and she wrote: "I started Kidneys and Eyes nearly eight years ago as a way of keeping family informed of the impending kidney failure of both my kids and to update them on the progress the kids were making with their developmental struggles. It turned into so much more: therapy, connection point to other parents, life-saving connection about mental health, educational tool for educators and health professionals and eventually Support for Special Needs.com, a social network for special needs families [and a nominee for Favorite Special-Needs Online Community]. I like to think it's honest, raw, and funny. I love that people reach out and tell me their stories, I love that they know they're not alone. I love to know that I'm not alone."

For a sampling of Kidneys and Eyes, visit these three posts recommended by Julia: A Significant Friendship (BlogHer '11 Voices of the Year Honoree post) | One Year of Kidney Function for a Girl | Spoken in the Mutant Family Household

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