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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog


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Finalist: Raising Rebel Souls
Raising Rebel Souls
Screenshot courtesy of Raising Rebel Souls

Blog Title: Raising Rebel Souls
Subtitle: Now we walk in light.
Url: raisingrebelsouls.blogspot.com
Online Since: December 2011
Finalist for: Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog

Raising Rebel Souls is written by Heather Clark. I asked Heather to tell us what's special about her blog, and she wrote: "I think that I write with a vulnerability that reaches out to mothers raising their own autistic children, and offers them a perspective of hope. I choose, daily, to let go of my expectations, to let go of "normal," and to love my kids all the way. Motherhood, though not what I anticipated, is my honor. Then of course, there is the beautiful subject matter, my sons themselves, and that is what makes my blog, and my whole life, special."

For a sampling of Raising Rebel Souls, visit these three posts recommended by Heather: Finding Light | First Dream | Passing the Cup

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