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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs Online Community


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Finalist: NoahsDad.com
Screenshot courtesy of NoahsDad.com

Community: NoahsDad.com
Venue: Facebook
Url: www.facebook.com/NoahsDadcom
Related Resources: Website | Twitter | Google+
Finalist for: Favorite Special-Needs Online Community

According to the group's info page, the NoahsDad.com Facebook group is "a growing Facebook community that is serious about showing the world Down syndrome is ok! If you have a child born with Down syndrome please be sure to post a picture and introduce yourself to us. We love meeting you!" Here's what fans had to say about it when nominating the group: "Great community full of infomation, love and support -- full of positivity." | "Gives helpful advise for other families experiencing similar challenges with raising a child with Down Syndrome. Also gives great exposure and awareness to people who may not be familiar with Down Syndrome." | "Noah's dad, Rick Smith, has shared his family to bring the whole Down Syndrome community together. His positive attitude and love for his child emits so much happiness! We go to his page to share our own stories. He has given us all so much faith in the potential of what our children can do!!"

For a sampling of NoahsDad.com, visit these pages: Info | Photos | Videos.

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