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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs Regional Resource


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Finalist: iTaalk Autism Foundation
Screenshot courtesy of the iTaalk Autism Foundation

Community: iTaalk Autism Foundation
Based in: Toledo, Ohio
Url: www.itaalk.org
Follow on: Facebook | Twitter
Finalist for: Favorite Special-Needs Regional Resource

I asked the folks at the iTaalk Autism Foundation what makes this resource special, and they wrote: "iTaalk is a 501c3 non-profit that was founded by our President, Brooke Olsen. Her son with autism blossomed after first accessing iOS technology. Because of how much technology can be of help to children with autism and other special needs, we are dedicated to assisting families with both device grants and educational opportunities. We want families to be able to access iOS and other assistive technologies through our grant opportunities and hands-on workshops and idea sharing sessions."

For a sampling of the iTaalk Autism Foundation, visit these pages chosen by iTaalk to best show what the group is about: Grants and Funding Sources Information | iTaalk's Top 30 Educational App List | iTaalk's App Facilitator Program.

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