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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs TV Show


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Finalist: Glee

Show: Glee
Network: Fox
Url: www.fox.com/glee
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Finalist for: Favorite Special-Needs TV Show

What it's about: According to the Fox site, "Glee is a musical comedy about a group of eager and ambitious students who strive to outshine their singing competition to win Nationals while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High." Among the students in those halls are a glee-club member who uses a wheelchair and a cheerleader with Down syndrome.

Why it's special: I asked George Estreich, author of The Shape of the Eye (a Readers' Choice Awards finalist for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Book) and a fan of Glee, what makes the show special. He wrote:

What I like about Glee is not just that its characters with Down syndrome have lines, scenes, and story arcs; it's also that there have been two of them, at different stages in life. The implicit message is that people with Down syndrome aren't timeless types, but individuals living in time. In a media environment where people with disabilities are still, too often, acceptable targets for comedy, Glee's portrayal of people with Down syndrome is a welcome change.

Are you a fan of Glee too? Tell us why you love it.

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