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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs App

Meet the 2013 Finalists


Among the creators of the five finalists for Favorite Special-Needs App for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards are the brother and the parents of children with autism, a special-education teacher, and early-intervention specialists. They've put their knowledge and experience at the service of other families and children who need help with communication or socialization or money-handling.

The 2013 finalists for Favorite Special-Needs App are:

Scroll down for at-a-glance introductions to the finalists, or click on the links above for a more detailed profile.

2013 Readers' Choice Award Winner: AutismMate

Logo courtesy of SpecialNeedsWare

App: AutisMate
Company: SpecialNeedsWare
Website: www.autismate.com
Follow on: Facebook | Twitter
Percentage of the Vote: 64%
Read more about AutisMate

Runner-Up: TalkRocket Go

TalkRocket Go
Image courtesy of MyVoice

App: TalkRocket Go
Company: MyVoice
Website: myvoiceaac.com
Follow on: Facebook | Twitter
Percentage of the Vote: 31%
Read more about TalkRocket Go

Finalist: The Social Express

The Social Express
Image courtesy of the Learning Express

App: The Social Express
Company: The Language Express
Website: thesocialexpress.com
Follow on: Facebook | Twitter | Google+
Read more about The Social Express

Finalist: Next Dollar Up

Next Dollar Up
Image courtesy of Limited Cue

App: Next Dollar Up
Company: Limited Cue
Website: www.limitedcue.com
Follow on: Facebook | Twitter
Next Dollar Up

Finalist: My First AAC

Readers' Choice Awards Logo

App: My First AAC
Company: Project Injini
Website: www.injini.net
Follow on: Facebook | Twitter
Read more about My First AAC

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